MILO: Only Trump Can Save The Supreme Court


During his latest stop on the Dangerous Faggot tour at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, MILO criticized #NeverTrump conservatives, claiming that only Donald Trump can save the Supreme Court and ensure the protection of the US Constitution.

“My goal here tonight is to pull us all back together, and focus on the single most important issue of this election: The Supreme Court” announced Milo at the start of his speech. “That is: keeping the supreme court out of the ugly, anti-American and tyrannical clutches of Hillary Clinton and the enemies of America, both foreign and domestic, that have bought her presidency lock, stock and barrel.”

“I’m sure some of you are protesting right now. “But we need a wall! Paid for by Mexico!” or “We need tax reform, so companies like Apple don’t keep 160 billion dollars offshore!” or “We need to fix trade with CHINA”” he continued. “But the supreme court is a much more pressing matter that will affect this country for decades.”

“Even if you’re uncomfortable with some of Trump’s other policies, his rhetoric, and even his comments on the female reproductive system, this issue is the one that trumps all the others” declared Milo. “If Hillary is elected, she could appoint up to four new supreme court justices. Any so-called conservative who recognizes this, and still won’t vote for Trump… Well, I don’t think we can call them conservatives, can we?”

“These beltway conservatives don’t care about America. They care about their jobs, their influence, and everything else that comes with establishment power” he concluded. “Trump poses an existential threat to their cosy status quo, and that’s why they oppose him. They don’t care about the Supreme Court. They don’t care about conservatism. They only care about themselves.”

During his speech, Milo also predicted that a Hillary Clinton-picked Supreme Court would consist of the “Regressive Left, Militant feminist man-haters, and Black Lives Matter racists”, while churches would be forced to “marry whatever tranny orgy stumbles into the chapel at 3AM”.

Written from prepared remarks.

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