Alabama RB Bo Scarbrough Claims He Shouted ‘F*ck Georgia!’ Not ‘F*ck Trump!’ in Pregame Video

AP Butch Dill Scarbrough
AP Photo/Butch Dill

Often times, when commenting on public officials, those doing the commenting claim that they’ve been quoted incorrectly.

College football running backs don’t normally find themselves in this position.

However, Alabama running back Bo Scarborough claims that’s exactly what ‘s happening to him.

Let’s start with the first piece of evidence. This video of Scarbrough yelling an expletive, followed by what sounded an awful lot like “Trump,” was tweeted out by Sporting News last night. Listen close, and you be the judge of what was actually said:

Sounds an awful lot like Scarbrough shouted, “F*ck Trump!”

However, Scarbrough himself took to Twitter late Monday night, and disputed that interpretation of what he said, Instead, Scarbrough claims that he shouted, “F*ck Georgia!”

Now, from a distance, in a crowded hallway with multiple people yelling, it’s easy to see how one could misinterpret what someone else said. However, let’s start with the claim that Scarbrough said “Georgia.”

As Breitbart Deputy Political Editor Amanda House noted, “Georgia” is a two-syllable word. Even accounting for different accents and dialects, a syllable is a syllable; and whatever Scarbrough said, it was only one syllable.

Which causes problems for his explanation that he said a two-syllable word like “Georgia.” Georgia also starts with a “G,” and the beginning of the word Scarbrough shouted after he yelled “F*ck,” seemed to clearly make a “TR” or “CH” type of sound.

Breitbart reported the Scarbrough story last night, as him saying, “F*ck Trump!”

While we have updated that story to reflect Scarbrough’s explanation, in addition to adding this piece, this is not retraction. It is still my belief that Scarbrough said “Trump,” and not “Georgia.”

These efforts merely reflect a desire to give you both sides of the story.


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