Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney ‘On Board’ with Black Lives Matter Message, But Not Its Politics

Dabo Swinney
AP Photo/Richard Shiro

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney says he is in line with the message of black lives matter, but he does not support the group’s politics or having its slogans on jerseys or helmets.

“Black lives more than matter,” Swinney said, ESPN reported.

“It’s not that I’m not for the messages, but I’m a very traditional guy,” Swinney said, according to the cable sports network. “I came from Alabama. It’s not anything to do with the messages. I’ve always just not messed with uniforms. But that’s all changed this year.”

Swinney clearly feels there is a dividing line between believing that black Americans’ lives matter and pushing the political ideals of the Black Lives Matter organization.

“I’m on board with a lot of the messages, but I’m not on board with political organizations,” he added. “That’s a different question. I’m apolitical. To me, that’s divisive. I’ve voted Democrat, Republican, independent, I’ve written in people when I didn’t like anyone running. I’m apolitical when it comes to organizations. I don’t support organizations. I support common-sense causes.”

Swinney also said that he fully supports the players going out and developing their own political or social messages on their own platforms, but it doesn’t really belong on the field. He did relent to a degree by saying if the players wanted a political statement on their uniforms, the whole team would have to confer and agree to the message.

“Anyone who doesn’t believe Black lives matter,” Swinney concluded, “you should look into your soul.”

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