School from ‘Remember the Titans’ Could Be Renamed After Kamala Harris, George Floyd, or Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Remember the Titans
Buena Vista/Getty Images

T.C. Williams High School, which became nationally renowned as the high school in the 2000 Disney football film, Remember The Titans, may be renamed “Kamala Harris High School,” according to reports.

The Alexandria City School Board, which administers T.C. Williams High, voted unanimously to delete the school’s name because Thomas Chambliss Williams, a local school superintendent for three decades starting in the 1930s, was also well-known as a Virginia segregationist.

According to Alexandria Living, the school board insisted that Williams was a “staunch segregationist whose views could not have been more inconsistent with the vibrant, diverse, and inclusive place we know today.”

The campaign to rename T.C. Williams and another school is part of the district’s “Identity Project,” which is defined as a “robust public community engagement process which will begin with our community education and engagement program around the possibility of changing the name of T.C. Williams High School and Matthew Maury Elementary School.”

The school board has presented a list of replacement names for Williams to the students for a vote. Along with Harris’ name, the online poll includes George Floyd and Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s names.

The other school to jettison its name, Matthew Maury Elementary School, was named after a Confederate Naval officer who went on to try and set up a colony of ex-Confederates in Mexico after the War Between the States ended in Confederate defeat.

The move to rename the Virginia schools comes on the heels of more than a year of riots across the country as Black Lives Matter groups agitate for a long list of radical changes to the American system and way of life.

Dozens and dozens of schools, businesses, sports teams, and public buildings and parks have had their names struck down and replaced by names that better conform to the BLM agenda in the months following the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd last year.

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