‘People in Power Who Make the Rules Are White Men:’ Wisconsin Teacher Indoctrinates 4th Graders on BLM

A teacher in Burlington, Wisconsin, is facing backlash after teaching her fourth-grade students using a pro-Black Lives Matter curriculum. The curriculum alleges that “systemic racism happens because the people who make laws and rules set them up so that it works for them,” and that “most of the people in power who make the rules are white men.”

Black Lives Matter

U. of Iowa Will Pay $1 Million to Repair BLM Protest Damage, Preserve Graffiti for ‘Educational Programming’

The University of Iowa announced this week that it will be forced to spend $1 million to repair the damage that occurred during a recent Black Lives Matter protest. A group called the Iowa Freedom Riders spraypainted phrases like “BLM” and “Say their names” on university buildings. Now, the university claims it has preserved some of the graffiti for “educational programming.”

University of Iowa BLM damage

VIDEOS: BLM Attacks #WalkAway Event in Texas

Black Lives Matter agitators attacked a #WalkAway Movement Rescue America Rally in Dallas, Texas, on Saturday. Tweeted videos show a man wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt as he allegedly breached backstage security to disrupt the rally. He then appeared to assault a security guard for the conservative #WalkAway Movement.

Guard Attacked