CBS’s Alfonsi Offers Public Feedback on DeSantis Hit Job — ‘Some Viewers, Including a Retired Newsman, Applauded the Story’

Sunday at the conclusion of CBS’s “60 Minutes,” correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi read the comments to her failed hit job attempt alleging Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) was involved in a “pay-to-play” with Publix and COVID-19 vaccines. DeSantis vehemently shot the story down, calling it a “fake narrative” and saying it is why people do not trust “corporate media.”


Chuck Lorre’s CBS Sitcom ‘United States of Al’ Under Fire for Afghan Character Played by Non-Afghan Actor

CBS’ sitcom United States of Al hasn’t premiered yet but the Chuck Lorre-produced show is already coming under attack for its portrayal of its Afghan protagonist, who is played by a non-Afghan actor. The controversy has become so acrimonious that series executive producer and former CNN personality Reza Aslan has publicly defended the show against the attacks.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images/CBS

Fauci: Rand Paul ‘Dead Wrong’ on Efficacy of Masks After Vaccination

Friday on CBS’s “This Morning,” White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci sounded off on his heated exchange with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) from the day before about the efficacy of masks after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Paul argued that Fauci wearing a mask despite being vaccinated is “just theater.”


From ‘Magnum P.I.’ to ‘Chicago PD.,’ Network Dramas Continue to Push BLM, Anti-Cop Messages

With the opening of the 2021 season, Network TV went ultra-woke, pushing anti-police themes, Black Lives Matter narratives, and left-wing storylines. Writers’ rooms throughout Hollywood are working hard to keep race at the top of viewer’s minds after left-wing activists pressured the networks to change the way they portray black Americans and the police.