Chinese Communist Party

Chinese Foreign Ministry Compares D.C. Riot to Hong Kong Protests

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Thursday compared Wednesday’s riot at the Capitol with the Hong Kong protest movement, essentially arguing that Americans should now understand why it was correct and lawful for the Chinese Communist Party, and its proxies in Hong Kong government, to use force to crush the pro-democracy movement.

Protesters take part in a Universal Siege On Communists' rally at The Cenotaph in Central district on January 19, 2020 in Hong Kong, China. Anti-government protesters in Hong Kong rally ahead of Lunar New Year to continue their demands for an independent inquiry into police brutality, the retraction of the …

Chinese Media: Missing Billionaire Jack Ma Is ‘Embracing Supervision’

A few days after international media noticed that not only did Chinese tech tycoon Jack Ma lose much of his corporate empire and $12 billion of his net worth after criticizing the Communist Party in late October, but he also appears to have vanished from the face of the Earth, Hong Kong’s Asia Times Financial (ATF) reported Chinese state media are claiming Ma has “embraced supervision,” while Beijing’s army of Internet trolls denounces him as a greedy traitor.

Jack Ma, CEO of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, speaks during his visit at the Vivatech startups and innovation fair, in Paris on May 16, 2019. (Photo by Philippe LOPEZ / AFP) (Photo credit should read PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP via Getty Images)