Brazil: Riots, Robberies as Blackout Leaves Entire State with No Electricity or Water

The state of Amapá, Brazil — on the nation’s northeastern border — has had nearly no access to electricity after a storm took out its power grid on November 3. As of Thursday, government officials say 80 percent of the state will have some electricity, but residents complain that they are now running out of food and water, rationing drinking water and foregoing showers.

Amapa riot

Emails: Hunter Biden Cut Deals with Shady Now-Defunct ‘House of Cards’ Chinese Company

Some of the emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s laptop by the New York Post last week illuminate the ties between the son of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden and a bankrupt Chinese energy company called CEFC China Energy. The owner of CEFC, Ye Jianming, was among the most ambitious of Chinese tycoons before his business empire collapsed and he vanished into the Communist nation’s shadowy prison system.

Hunter Biden / DNC August 20, 2020