New York Times’ WH Correspondent Slams Trump for Gold-Colored Easter Egg, Later Finds Obama Had One Too

With her bias on full display, New York Times White House correspondent Julie Davis jumped to Twitter to slam President Donald Trump for the audacity of planning a gold-colored Easter egg for this year’s White House Easter Egg Roll. But it wasn’t long before her outrage turned to sheepish apologies when she found Obama also had a gold-colored egg, and just last year at that.

President Barack Obama, joined by the Easter Bunny, greets members of the audience on the South Lawn at the White House Easter Egg Roll at the White House in Washington, Monday, March 28, 2016. Thousands of children gathered at the White House for the annual Easter Egg Roll which features …

Indiana Town: No More Good Friday

As Christmas season begins for countless millions of Christians in America and across the globe, Bloomington, Indiana, announced that it will no longer recognize Good Friday because doing so is insensitive to others.


Chris Pratt Builds Giant Cross on Easter Sunday

Chris Pratt erected a giant cross on Easter Sunday and posted a step-by-step instructional guide to his process on Instagram. The 36-year-old actor, who’s currently filming Guardians of the Galaxy 2, spent the holiday getting his hands dirty while setting up


College Student Pays off Grandparents’ Mortgage

A San Jacinto, Texas college student spent many years eating microwave pizza at home so he could save enough money to surprise his grandparents on Easter by presenting them with a $15,000 check to help them pay off the remaining mortgage on their home.

Stefun Darts (Facebook)

Monterey State Beach Cross Resurrected

A wooden cross that stood on Monterey State Beach until it was vandalized in 2009 has been mysteriously replaced with a steel version, reports local news site The new cross was spotted on the beach just before Easter.

Old Monterey cross (Karol Kyno / Facebook)