Elizabeth Warren

Report: Harris, Warren Have ‘Highest Overlap’ of Donors

Presidential candidates Sens. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) are “increasingly competing” for the same set of donors, according to a Monday McClatchy report that found “more than 800 donors gave to both candidates between April and July, the highest overlap between any two Democratic presidential candidates during that period.”


Elizabeth Warren Adds ‘Preferred Pronouns’ to Twitter Bio

Presidential candidate and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) recently edited her official campaign Twitter bio to specify her “preferred pronouns” as part of an apparent attempt to appeal to younger, more “woke” voters who view gender as a social construct.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., waves to the audience before taking questions during a presidential forum held by She The People on the Texas State University campus Wednesday, April 24, 2019, in Houston. (AP Photo/Michael Wyke)