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Study: 76% of Leftist Students Believe Jokes Can Be Hate Speech

A recent survey revealed that an overwhelming 76% of leftist students believe that “offensive” jokes can be considered “hate speech.” The survey, which was conducted by College Pulse, asked students how they felt about a variety of issues surrounding the intersection of speech and comedy.

Comedian Dave Chappelle, center, shares a light moment with philanthropist Pamela Joyner, left, and former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, right, on stage during W.E.B. Du Bois Medal award ceremonies, Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018, at Harvard University, in Cambridge, Mass. Joyner, Chappelle, and Kaepernick are among eight recipients of Harvard University's …

South Seattle College Employee Tells Students to ‘Not Be Nice’ to Turning Point USA Members Because They ‘Don’t Like Black People’

A South Seattle College employee was caught on video appearing to advise students to “not be nice” to Turning Point USA (TPUSA) activists. The school’s TPUSA chapter president Katie Daviscourt told Breitbart News that several college employees had approached her recruiting table last week, where they attempted to dissuade fellow students from joining her group by suggesting that she and other conservatives are racist.

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Poll: UNC Chapel Hill Students Want More Conservative Guest Speakers

A new poll created by three professors at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, revealed that students want more conservative guest speakers on campus. According to the results, only a minority of campus leftists want to shut down conservative guest speakers. They found that 80 percent of self-identified liberals on campus feel it is wrong to “de-platform” speakers for their political views. Despite the positives, the survey also found a high percentage of conservatives remain worried about expressing their views on campus.

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U. of Albany Officials Condemn Coronavirus Party

Officials at the University of Albany (SUNY-Albany) tried to shut down an off-campus coronavirus-themed party after student activists argued that it was “racist.” Now, First Amendment advocacy groups are speaking out about the university’s responsibility to uphold free speech.

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University of Virginia Students: White People Should Not Use Multicultural Centers

A video published by Young America’s Foundation (YAF) on Tuesday shows several University of Virginia (UVA) students sharing the belief that “white people need to be aware of the fact” that certain “spaces” on campus are simply not for them, and that “they need to be cognizant of the space that they’re taking up.” The students’ views fall in line with the viral video of a black student announcing that there were “just too many white people” in the school’s Multicultural Student Center.

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The Atlantic: Conservative Students Really Do Self-Censor on Campus

A column published in the Atlantic on Sunday provided evidence for the claim that conservative students engage in self-censorship on campus. A new survey out of the University of North Carolina revealed that many students censor themselves in the classroom to avoid facing academic or social repercussions.

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