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UNC Prof. Receives $500K Retirement Settlement After Celebrities Call for His Firing

Professor Mike Adam of the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, will receive a $500,000 settlement in exchange for his retirement from the university just weeks after administrators faced pressure to fire Adams for a politically incorrect social media post. In May, celebrities called on the university to fire Adams over a tweet that he made about coronavirus lockdown policy.

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Survey: College Makes Young Americans Less Patriotic

A new survey commissioned by the Young America’s Foundation called the Youth Patriotism Index revealed that American colleges and universities are contributing to making students less patriotic. According to the survey, high school students are much more likely than college students to be proud to live in the United States.

Trevor Tovsen, center, with the University of Maryland College Republicans, says the Pledge of Allegiance, during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), at National Harbor, Md., Friday, Feb. 23, 2018, where President Donald Trump is expected to speak. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Princeton Students Urge School Officials to Resist the ‘Siege Against Academic Freedom’

A student organization called the Princeton Open Campus Coalition is urging university officials this week to push back against the demands of woke students and faculty. The university recently caved to demands to remove Woodrow Wilson’s name from the university’s school of public policy. According to the students, the “siege against academic freedom” is “fundamentally about ideology and power.”

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UC Berkeley History Department: Criticism of BLM ‘Goes Against Our Values’

The history department at UC Berkeley condemned an open letter allegedly penned by a professor for its criticisms of the Black Lives Matter movement. The anonymous letter criticized UC Berkeley faculty for failing to cultivate an environment that can tolerate criticism of social justice movements. According to the history department, criticism of Black Lives Matter “goes against our values.”

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Michigan State Research VP Stephen Hsu Resigns After Pressure over Research on Intelligence

Michigan State University Vice President for Research and Innovations Stephen Hsu was forced to resign this week over his research on intelligence. Over 800 faculty members and students signed a petition that called on the university to remove Hsu from his position over his research. Although Hsu has been forced out of his VP position, he remains a member of the Michigan State faculty.

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Michigan State Research VP Stephen Hsu Faces Calls for Termination over Research on IQ

Students and faculty at Michigan State University are calling for the removal of Stephen Hsu, the university’s vice president for research and innovation, over his research on intelligence. Hsu has fired back at students and others calling for his dismissal: “The Twitter mobs want to suppress scientific work that they find objectionable. What is really at stake: academic freedom, open discussion of important ideas, scientific inquiry. All are imperiled and all must be defended.”

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UCLA Petition Defends Prof Who Refused to Delay Exam for Black Students

A group of students is defending UCLA Professor Gordon Klein, who was placed on leave after he denied a request to postpone a final exam for black students. Student activists at universities and colleges around the nation have demanded lenient grading and postponed exams for black students in response to the social unrest that has followed the death of George Floyd.


Stanford Prof Erased from Website After Singing the N-Word

Stanford Professor Rose Salseda was removed from the university’s website after being accused of singing along to a rap song by N.W.A. including a racial slur. Salseda apologized to the Stanford community in a letter published on Monday. The professors performance left a student government leader asking, “Why do we have to put up with that kind of racial violence?”

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Wilmington College Faculty Advisor Warns Student Body President Not to Make Pro-Conservative Social Media Posts

The student government advisor at Wilmington College in Wilmington, Ohio, warned the school’s student body president, a member of Turning Point USA (TPUSA), that his conservative social media posts could put him “in this little box” and cause others to “cast judgment” on him, as well as burden his fellow student government members with having to answer for his opinions.

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Scottsdale Community College Apologizes to Prof Criticized for Quiz Questions About Islamic Terror

The chancellor at Scottsdale Community College has apologized for “the uneven manner” in which it handled a professor that drew criticism on social media over test questions about Islamic terrorism. The community college initially criticized the professor and even suggested he be required to meet with an Islamic religious leader to review the contents of his course.


Department of Education Investigates Portland State for Feminist Student Club Excluding Whites

The University of Portland is facing an investigation by the Department of Education over the exclusion of white students and faculty from a feminist student organization. The investigation is the result of a complaint by University of Michigan-Flint Professor Mark J. Perry who alleged that the practice constitutes a violation of Title VI, which prohibits discrimination based on race and color.

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