Global Smartphone Sales Drop 5.7 Percent in Q3 2020

A new report published this week revealed that global smartphone sales dropped almost six percent during the third quarter of 2020. During the same period, Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi passed Apple to become the third-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

iPhone X

China: Eduardo Bolsonaro’s Huawei Criticisms Damaged Bilateral Relations

Comments made by Brazilian Rep. Eduardo Bolsonaro, the son of President Jair Bolsonaro, warning against business with the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei served to “darken the friendly atmosphere” of relations and “damage the image of Brazil,” the Chinese embassy in Brasilia scolded on Monday.

ELDORADO, BRAZIL - SEPTEMBER 03: Eduardo Bolsonaro, Federal Deputy speaks during the presentation of a bridge development project over the Ribeira de Iguape river on September 3, 2020 in Eldorado, Brazil. Eldorado is a city in the countryside of the state of Sao Paulo where Jair Bolsonaro was raised. The …

Top Universities Failed to Disclose Billions in Foreign Funds

The U.S. Education Department has revealed that top universities, such as Cornell, MIT, and Georgetown, have failed to disclose billions of dollars they have accepted in foreign funds. Universities have failed to report at least $6.5 billion to the government according to the report, including money from the Chinese government, Huawei, and other countries.


Chinese Government Adviser Calls for Weaponizing Medical Exports Against U.S.

Economist Li Daokui, a professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing and an adviser to the Chinese Communist government, was quoted by the South China Morning Post (SCMP) on Wednesday suggesting China weaponize exports of medicine and medical components to retaliate against the United States for cutting off China’s supply of semiconductor chips.

Female scientist working in the CDC laboratory.