Coronavirus Lockdowns Tighten Across Europe

(AFP) — A swathe of new restrictions to curtail a second wave of coronavirus infections were announced or came into force from Austria to Greece, Italy to Portugal on Saturday as the global death toll climbed above 1.3 million.


Hezbollah Charges Netanyahu with ‘Lying’ over Weapons Depot Claim

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah on Tuesday accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of “lying” to the United Nations when he exposed what he said was a secret arms depot belonging to the Iranian-backed terror group in a residential area near Beirut’s International Airport.

Hassan Nasrallah

Rouhani at U.N.: America Is ‘Kneeling on the Neck’ of Iran

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani delivered a bizarre address to the 2020 U.N. General Assembly in which he claimed Iran single-handedly defeated the Islamic State, portrayed his brutal regime as a paragon of tolerance and human rights, and compared the Iranian people suffering under U.S. sanctions to George Floyd suffering beneath the knee of a policeman.

Rouhani addressing 75th UN General Assembly

Watch: Hezbollah Arms Depot Explodes in Southern Lebanon

A weapons depot belonging to the Hezbollah terror group in southern Lebanon exploded on Tuesday, sending shockwaves through the nation just weeks after a similar explosion decimated the port of Beirut.