Mark Morgan

Migrant Border Arrests Jump 200 Percent Since April Despite COVID Threat

The arrest of migrants illegally crossing the border from Mexico into the U.S. jumped for the fourth straight month — increasing by more than 200 percent from the low point in April. The increases in arrests come despite the continuing threat of COVID-19 infection and the almost certainty that under Title 42, they will be returned to Mexico when arrested.

Agents apprehended 58 migrants at Interstate 35 immigration checkpoint. (Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended nearly 110 migrants in a 24-hour period in two separate human smuggling interactions. One involved a human smuggling stash house in Laredo, Texas. The second involved a tractor-trailer interdiction at an interior immigration checkpoint. Laredo …

CBP’s Morgan: Biden Border Security Policy ‘Dangerous’ — Tells Cartels and Smugglers ‘Ollie Ollie, In Come Free’

Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan on Friday’s FNC broadcast of “Fox & Friends” reacted to presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden saying in an interview he wants healthcare for illegal immigrants and that he would stop building the wall at the country’s border with Mexico.


WATCH: BORSTAR Agents Rescue 3 Dehydrated Migrants in Desert

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents rescued three migrants who became lost and dehydrated in the desert in two incidents over the weekend. A video tweeted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan shows a Border Patrol Search, Trauma, and Rescue (BORSTAR) paramedic agent responding to assist in the rescue.

Border Patrol BORSTAR agents from the El Centro Sector provide medical assistance to dehydrated migrants in Southern California. (Twitter Video Screencapture/U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

CBP Commissioner Morgan: Floyd’s Death ‘Absolutely Tragic’ – Cannot Allow Criminals to Take Advantage of Lawful Protest

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Evening Edit,” acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan stated that everyone is “united” that George Floyd’s death “is absolutely tragic and those responsible should be held accountable” and that lawful, peaceful protesters should be supported. He also stated that those who are “taking advantage” of those who want to lawfully protest “as an excuse to continue their criminal activity” cannot be allowed to continue.

Acting Customs and Border Protection director Mark Morgan speaks with reporters in the briefing room at the White House, Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Migrant Family Apprehensions at Border Down 92% in Feb from May 2019 Peak

The apprehension of migrant families illegally crossing the border in February fell by 92 percent from the peak of the 2019 humanitarian and border security crisis in May. Under programs put in place by the Trump Administration last year, the release of migrants into the U.S. is also down 87 percent, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Border Patrol agents in Arizona continue to apprehend large groups of mostly Central American migrant families. (Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/Tucson Sector)