Migrant Benefits

Government to Revive Pledge to Cut Migrant Benefits

The British government is pledging yet again to stop European Union migrants from claiming benefits after EU officials slapped down the plans last year. Former Prime Minister David Cameron made the promise a key part of his demands while attempting


Norway Bribes Fake Asylum Seekers Thousands To Leave Without A Fight

The Norwegian immigration office is giving hundreds of ‘asylum seekers’ a bonus 10,000 kroner (£822) to leave the country voluntarily – on top of the thousands already offered in expenses. The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (Utlendingsdirektoratet – UDI) has announced they will pay


Cameron Forced to Water Down Demands on EU Migrant Benefits

Up to 300,000 Britons will lose entitlement to in-work benefits if David Cameron accepts a Brussels compromise on his call for strict restrictions on European Union (EU) migrant benefits. The prime minister has been warned that is the price Britain will pay if he continues

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