Nike Has Offered Shoes Displaying Flags of Human Rights Abusers Such As China and Turkey

This week, sportswear giant Nike agreed to pull their “Betsy Ross Flag” sneakers after former NFL player nd anthem-protester Colin Kaepernick, advised them that the American flag is a symbol of racism, hate, and slavery. However, the company has had no issue offering shoes with many other national flags and colors, including human rights abusers such as China and Turkey.


Nike Adds Plus-Sized Mannequins

Larger athletes will now be able to see their favorite Nike athletic gear modeled by mannequins that look like them. That’s because the athletic apparel giant has decided to cater to the curvy by adding plus-sized mannequins.


Avenatti: ‘The Facts Are on My Side’

Wednesday on “CBS This Morning,” embattled attorney Michael Avenatti denied any wrongdoing after being charged with attempting to extort millions from Nike. “Any suggestion is absolutely absurd,” Avenatti claimed. “Nike knew, from the very first moment that I had any contact

Michael Avenatti on CBS, 3/27/2019