Lane: Endless Voting on Brexit Is Absurd. So Why Are Politicians Pushing to Make Britons Vote Again?

The Speaker of the British House of Commons has laid down why Members of Parliament shouldn’t be repeatedly asked the same question by the Government in a move which may very well put paid to the Government’s plans to force a third vote on Theresa May’s twice-rejected Brexit deal, making the United Kingdom a non-voting member of the European Union under the pretext of honouring the Brexit vote.


UK Lawmakers: Facebook Acting Like ‘Digital Gangsters’

A new report by UK lawmakers has called Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg out directly, accusing Zuckerberg of “contempt” for failing to appear a British parliamentary committee, and comparing the behavior of the Silicon Valley giant and its CEO to “digital gangsters.”

Facebook was warned of alleged Russian meddling back in 2014

Fragile Tory Peace Fractures Over ‘No Deal Brexit’ With 42 Days to go

The British government has insisted that a full ‘no deal’ Brexit where the United Kingdom actually leaves the European Union is still on the table, despite clear messages from the Prime Minister and other senior figures that indicate otherwise, hours after another Commons defeat inflicted by a group of Brexiteer rebel Conservatives.