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911 Services Went Down for Up to an Hour Across 14 States on Monday

Emergency 911 services in 14 states went down temporarily on Monday, putting lives at risk. Some argue that the outages, which lasted for up to an hour, were caused by technical issues at Microsoft, which provides communications products used by emergency service departments. Others believe that the shutdown was caused by an issue with an emergency telephone service called Intrado.

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Hospital System with 400+ Locations Suffers Massive Cyberattack

Universal Health Services, a major hospital system with over 400 locations, faced a cyberattack over the weekend that shut down its internal records system. Doctors and nurses have been forced to use paper and pen to record patient records since the attack began. Cybersecurity analysts believe that the attack could be the largest medical cyberattack in the nation’s history.


Report: Chinese Company Harvests Data of Prominent Americans and Military for Intelligence Purposes

A recent report from the Washington Post claims that a Chinese data firm has been collecting the “digital crumbs” of data of prominent Americans and military members for some time. The company gathered data on 2 million people including 50,000 Americans with the “stated purpose of providing intelligence to Chinese military, government and commercial clients.”


Report: Oracle Beats Microsoft in Bid for TikTok

Oracle has won the bidding to take over the U.S. operations of the Chinese-owned social media app TikTok, beating out Microsoft in a deal to allow the platform to continue operating in the United States. According to some sources familiar with the deal, it is closer to a “partnership” than an outright acquisition.

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Students Have Figured Out How to Cheat on Tests Graded by AI

Students have figured out how to exploit testing software that uses AI technology to grade written answers. Several students explained to reporters this week that the software gives perfect scores on essay questions after students simply entered a list of relevant keywords instead of a standard test answer.

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Google Engineers Say Company ‘Confuses Users’ on Privacy Settings

The State Arizona sued Google in May alleging that the company deceived users about its privacy settings and collection of personal data. A newly released document reveals that Google’s own engineers believe that the company “confuses users” and even some employees about privacy on the company’s platforms.

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Florida Cancels Bar Exam After Security Breach, Software Failures

The Florida Board of Bar Examiners announced on Sunday that it has canceled an online administration of the Florida bar exam that was scheduled to take place this week. The cancellation came just days after dozens of exam-takers reported software failures and unauthorized attempts to access their online banking accounts.

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Facebook Faces Fresh Lawsuit over Instagram’s Use of Biometric Data

A  lawsuit filed against Facebook in California this week claims that the company’s Instagram platform is unlawfully harvesting biometric data from its users. The lawsuit claims that Instagram is intentionally stealing facial recognition data from more than 100 million users without their consent.

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