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Microsoft Admits that Human Workers Listen to Skype Calls

In an update to the company’s privacy policy, tech giant Microsoft has noted that human workers may listen to Skype and Cortana recordings. This is an admission by the software giant that media reports in early August based on internal leaks about contractors monitoring Skype calls are correct.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Report: ‘BioStar 2’ Data Breach Leaks 1+ Million Fingerprint Records, Other Personal Details

A major data breach reportedly found in biometrics security system “BioStar 2,” built by security company Suprema, has now made private data — such as fingerprints and facial recognition scans — public, affecting at least a million people. According to researchers, once biometric data is stolen, it cannot be retrieved, potentially affecting users “for the rest of their lives.”

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Facebook Contractors Have Been Listening to Your Conversations

Despite claims that Facebook was listening in on its users previously being dismissed as “conspiracy theories,” Mark Zuckerberg’s company recently admitted that it has been doing exactly that —  listening to audio recordings of its users, using the excuse that Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft do the same thing.

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Facebook Facial Recognition Lawsuit Moves Forward

Tech giant Facebook is reportedly facing billions of dollars in potential damages as a federal appeals court rejected the firm’s argument to halt a class action lawsuit relating to the storing of biometric data of millions of users.

Facebook closes Italy pro-government fake news pages: rights group

Report: Instagram Let ‘Marketing Partner’ Track Millions of Users, Save Their Personal Data

A startup marketing firm based in San Francisco, California, appears to have been secretly saving millions of Instagram users’ “stories,” as well as tracking their locations. The Facebook-owned app has since issued a cease and desist letter to its trusted “marketing partner,” but the incident has revived concerns over Facebook’s apparent inability to protect its users’ data.

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Report: It’s Easy to Identify Someone from Anonymized Databases

A new study claims that it is quite easy to identify an individual from a database of anonymized information, even when personal details have been removed. The Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe claim that their usage and potential sale of user data to advertisers protects privacy by anonymizing the data, a claim shaken by the new study.

FILE: In this file photo the Facebook Inc. logo is reflected in the eyeglasses of a user in this arranged photo in San Francisco, California, U.S., on Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2011. A Facebook IPO would provide funds to help the social-networking service maintain its expansion and fend off competition from …