Spurred by Lockdown, Spain Trials Four-Day Week

Experimenting with cutting back one workday per week is about to go nationwide in Spain — the first country in Europe to do so. A three-year pilot project will be using 50 million euros ($59 million) from the European Union’s massive coronavirus recovery fund to compensate some 200 mid-size companies as they resize their workforce or reorganize production workflows to adapt to a 32-hour working week.

A banner reading in Spanish: "Welcome, we cannot serve in the bar. Sit down and we communicate by WhatsApp" is pictured at La Francachela restaurant in Madrid, Spain, Friday, March 26, 2021. Experimenting with cutting back one workday per week is about to go nationwide in Spain. A 3-year pilot …

33 Injured, 14 Arrested in Protests over Rapper’s Jailing

MADRID — Police in Spain say 14 people were arrested in violent street protests in several cities following the arrest of Spanish rap artist Pablo Hasél, who had barricaded himself at a university with dozens of supporters to avoid prison and defend his fight for free speech.

Demonstrators clash with police after a protest condemning the arrest of rap singer Pablo Hasél in Barcelona, Spain, Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2021. Violent street protests have erupted in some Spanish cities after police arrested a rapper who resisted imprisonment and has portrayed his case as a fight for free speech. …

Gender Law to Allow Trans People Into Women’s Spaces, Under-16s to Access ‘Treatment’ over Parents’ Objections

A new law proposed by the far-left party in Spain’s coalition government will make it easier for residents to change genders for official purposes. A bill sponsored by Equality Minister Irene Montero aims to make gender self-determination — no diagnosis, medical treatment or judge required — the norm, with eligibility starting at age 16. Nearly 20 countries, eight of them in the European Union, already have similar laws.

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