Big Tech Remains Divided on Plans for Political Ads

A recent report outlines how social media services and search engines such as Facebook and Google handle political advertising on their platforms. The Masters of the Universe remain divided on how they believe political ads should be presented.

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Reza Aslan Deletes Attack on Covington Kids – a Year Later

University of California, Riverside professor and former CNN show host Reza Aslan infamously called Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann’s face “punchable” when the media’s fake news hoax against the Covington Kids was in full swing. Nearly one year later, Aslan has deleted his tweet following CNN’s reported settlement with Sandmann. The professor, however, claims that he deleted his tweet in an act of obedience to his wife.

CNN has cut ties with Reza Aslan after anti-Trump tweets.

Twitter Will Let Users Prevent Replies to Their Tweets to Fight ‘Abuse’

Twitter is reportedly planning to introduce new features that will allow users to control who can reply to their tweets in an effort to crack down on abuse and harassment online. The feature will allow users to prevent replies altogether, or only allow people they follow to reply, a move that could dramatically lower the platform’s engagement.

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2019: The Year of Massive Big Tech Data Breaches

2019 will go into the books as a bad year for data privacy, as sensitive personal details of many millions of users were leaked, breached, or left wide open by the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe.  Breitbart News has collected some of the biggest data breaches of the year.

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Bokhari: From Utopian to Petty – Silicon Valley’s Decade of Decline

In technology, “Moore’s Law” refers to the doubling of microchip processing power every two years. Come rain or shine, every two years, new computers will roll off the production lines twice as powerful as the previous generation. Unfortunately Silicon Valley has gone backwards over the last decade at the same speed.

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Delingpole: ‘Top Barrister Beats Fox to Death Wearing a Kimono’

“Prominent barrister beats fox to death wearing a kimono.” This, believe it or not, is the biggest news story in Britain today. It was prompted by a barrister’s arguably ill-advised announcement on Twitter that, while dressed in a kimono, he had beaten to death with a baseball bat a fox that was trying to eat the chickens in his London garden.

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Twitter Bug Links 17 Million Phone Numbers to User Accounts

A digital security researcher claims to have discovered a bug in Twitter’s Android app that allowed him to link 17 million phone numbers to users accounts. By uploading phone numbers to twitter, the security expert was matched to the user accounts associated with the phone numbers. 

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