MILO Challenges Janet Napolitano and Berkeley Chancellor to Debate

Janet Napolitano (Damien Dovarganes / Associated Press)
Damien Dovarganes / Associated Press

Former Breitbart Senior Editor MILO has challenged Janet Napolitano, the President of the University of California system, and UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol T. Christ to a debate.

In an emergency press conference discussing the cancellation of Free Speech Week, former Breitbart Senior Editor MILO challenged the current President of the University of California System Janet Napolitano and UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol T. Christ to a live debate.

“I’m disappointed by Chancellor Christ’s and Janet Napolitano’s statements about me and about our speakers,” said MILO. “But I recognize and appreciate their commitment, however perfunctory it is, to providing funds to maintain the First Amendment on their campuses. I respect their difference of opinion, but I think they’re deeply misguided about what kinds of people we are. And for that reason, I’d like to invite today Janet Napolitano and Chancellor Christ to participate in a debate with me or with any of the other speakers that I’m able to assemble for Free Speech Week.

“We can have somebody like Sam Harris or Dave Rubin moderate it. We should do it on the UC Berkeley campus,” MILO continued “It is high time that America had it’s big showdown free speech debate between the progressive liberals, who believe that free speech is now just a cover for right-wingers to say awful things, and conservatives, who believe that their speech is being infringed upon by corporations, by universities, and by the media like it never has before.”

“It’s time America had that showdown, it’s time America had that debate, so I’m inviting today Janet Napolitano and Chancellor Christ from UC Berkeley to debate me and any of the other speakers they want to with a moderator of their choice on UC Berkeley campus anytime in the next seven months during my new Troll Academy tour,” he stated.

Watch the full press release below:

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