Apple iPhone Search for ‘Easter’ Includes GIF of Crucified Jesus Eating Creme Egg, Prompting Complaints

Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced plans to build an app design facility in the southern Indian city of Bangalore
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A GIF of a crucified Jesus Christ eating a Cadbury Creme Egg, allegedly found after searching for “Easter” on Apple’s iPhone messenger, has prompted complaints.

As reported by the Independent Journal Review, “The first search result showed a GIF of Jesus being fed an Easter egg on the cross,” with “Cadbury’s creme Easter egg. How do you eat yours?” captioned over the image.

“Dear God. @Apple how is this remotely okay? This is one of the pre-programmed gifs for Easter on iMessage,” complained Federalist contributor James Hasson in a post on Twitter. “I went back and forth about whether to even include the screenshot b/c it’s so awful, but this is so revolting that it has to be seen to be believed. I don’t have words.”

Though GIFs in the search results are not individually checked for controversial content, Hasson claimed, “Apple definitely monitors them,” however Upworthy Senior Writer Parker Molloy disputed Hasson’s claims.

“You do know that Apple doesn’t curate those GIFs, right?” declared Molloy. “It blocks keywords! It doesn’t approve individual gifs! Would you rather have them block searches for Easter entirely? I’m sure you’d be totally cool and wouldn’t at all scream about that.”

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