38 Percent of Conservative College Students Say They Feel Unsafe on Campus

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Getty images/Chip Somodevilla

According to a recent survey, almost 40 percent of conservative college students say that they don’t feel safe on campus.

A new survey by the online education platform OneClass suggests that a significant portion of Republican students do not feel comfortable on America’s college campuses. The survey follows the recent attack on conservative activist Hayden Williams which took place on UC Berkeley’s campus.

The survey also mentions that assault against Middlebury College Professor Allison Stanger, who found herself at the ire of progressive protesters when she agreed to moderate a discussion event featuring scholar Charles Murray. Stanger, a liberal, intended to challenge some of Murray’s views during the event at which she was attacked.

“The incident at UC Berkeley isn’t unheard of. News of conservatives on college campuses getting attacked for their political views make the airwaves frequently enough to make conservatives think twice about exercising their freedom of speech,” the press release reads. “When Allison Stanger, a professor at Middlebury College, was physically assaulted to the point where she had to wear a neck brace after her live discussion event, it warned conservatives that they are not safe.”

The survey also revealed that a majority of Republican students don’t tell their friends about their political views. Many students fear that they will be ostracized if they are open about their conservative worldview. Many of these students, according to this survey, have considered transferring schools because of unpleasant experiences with students who didn’t respect their political views.

“The fear of being cast with damning labels and feeling ostracized is genuine for conservatives on campus,” the release adds. “It’s also why 55.1 percent of Republicans are closet conservatives who don’t tend to share their political orientation with their friends. For Democrats, being part of a college campus that mostly shares their views could be what contributes to feeling accepted in inner and wider circles.”

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