Swarthmore College Disbands All Fraternities and Sororities on Campus

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The president of Swarthmore College announced over the weekend that it would be disbanding all Greek life organizations on campus.

Swarthmore College announced on May 10 that they would be ending fraternities and sororities on campus. According to a statement from Swarthmore College President Valerie Smith, fraternities and sororities will immediately be disbanded. Certain Greek life organizations will be permitted to continue until 2022. However, the vast majority of groups will be immediately shut down.

Fraternities and sororities will no longer exist at the College. The Swarthmore chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority may continue with its current members through the spring 2022 semester but may no longer recruit or initiate additional members.

The voluntary disbanding of Phi Psi and Delta Upsilon reflects a broader change in student needs and desires. Exclusive, dues-paying social organizations no longer effectively meet the needs of our residential liberal arts environment.

President Valerie Smith ended her statement by saying that the campus has to focus on their values of diversity and inclusion.

As we move forward, I call for each of us to examine how we live up to the aspiration of inclusivity. We must try to do so together, without giving up on one another and without giving up on our community. Practice the art of deep listening. Do not accept division. Remain in difficult conversations, especially with those with whom we disagree. This work will not be easy, but we will all be the better for it.

Many college and universities around the country have considered ending Greek life on campus. Greek life organizations have been accused of contributing to issues with alcohol abuse, sexual misconduct, and social cliques.

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