Conservative Highlights ‘Surprising’ Civil Exchange of Ideas at Dartmouth

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Robert Charles, a former assistant secretary of state for President George W. Bush, wrote about his recent experience speaking at Dartmouth College. Charles was surprised to find students eager to discuss his ideas, in the midst of campuses becoming increasingly hostile to conservative speakers.

Writing for Fox News, Robert Charles, the former assistant secretary of state for President George W. Bush, reflected on his experience speaking about conservative ideals at the progressive Dartmouth College.

Charles spoke about his pro-life views, his commitment to free speech, the national drug crisis, and Ronald Reagan. To Charles’ surprise, the students were eager to engage him in a civil discussion.

The result was surprising.  My opposite number and those in attendance were not hostile or dismissive.  A conversation occurred. After the event, one student found me. “I looked around when you said you were pro-life,” he said, “no one says that here.”  Then he added, “But I am.”

The comment struck me. Non-violent opinions deserve to be heard – everywhere. Intellectual diversity is vital on college campuses. Offering opinions or ideas that offend or validate is how we all get to the truth.

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