Arizona State Journalism Prof: Donald Trump ‘Bent on Allowing’ White Supremacists to ‘Wage War on Our Country’

Arizona State Journalism Prof Steven Beschloss
Arizona PBS/YouTube

Arizona State University journalism professor Steven Beschloss admitted on social media this week that he is not a fan of the Second Amendment. In fact, he is “sick to death” of the right to bear arms. He also blames President Donald Trump, who he claims is “bent on allowing these white supremacists to wage war on our country.”

Steven Beschloss, a professor of journalism at Arizona State University, sparked a debate this week on Twitter when he wrote that he is “sick to death” of the Second Amendment. Beschloss, who has over 65,000 followers, regularly receives over a thousand likes per tweet.

“Can I just say: I’m sick to death of the 2nd Amendment and all the damage it has helped justify,” Beschloss wrote in the tweet that was highlighted this week by Campus Reform.

Beschloss also blamed President Donald Trump and the GOP for the rise in “domestic terrorism.” “We are seeing a serious rise in deadly domestic terrorism,” Beschloss wrote in another tweet. “The refusal of Trump and the GOP to stop it tells you they will not keep us safe, they are bent on allowing these white supremacists to wage war on our country. They are abdicating their oath of office & their moral duty.”

Blaming the right for mass tragedies seems to be one of the common themes on Beschloss’ Twitter account. In another tweet, he argued that the GOP is wrong to blame recent shootings on violent video games and mental illness.

“Blaming this mass murder on video games and mental illness while refusing to discuss the rise in white nationalism and the use of military-style assault rifles is just the latest example that the GOP has no interest in defending our country,” Beschloss wrote in another tweet.

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