American University Students: There Are Too Many White Male Oscar Nominees

Niko Tavernise - © 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Niko Tavernise/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Students at American University told a reporter this week that the number of white males nominated for Academy Awards is a problem. According to one student interviewed, “White men need to understand that not every thought that they have is worth saying.”

Reporter Eduardo Neret of Campus Reform spoke with students at American University this week about the 92nd Academy Awards, which are scheduled to take place on Sunday. The Oscars have faced criticism from leftists due to their alleged lack of diversity. Stephen King claimed last month that the Oscars are “rigged in favor of white folks.”

The students of American University mostly agree with the Hollywood leftists and social media pundits attacking the Oscars over an alleged lack of diversity, as seen in the interview footage below:

“I definitely think there’s a problem,” one student said. “I feel like, as a Latina woman, I want to see more representation in entertainment.”

“I do think it’s a problem. It’s not reflective of our actual population,” another American University student said.

Other students were more pointed in their criticism of white men in entertainment. “White men need to understand that not every thought that they have is worth saying,” another student said.

“I’ve never really lived in an area or situation where white men are not the dominant or overwhelming majority,” one student said.

Most students interviewed argued that the Academy Awards should be focused on increasing diversity. However, not every student agreed with their peers’ criticism of the Oscars.

“Qualifications and the quality of the work should be the priority as opposed to your level of melanin or chromosomes,” one student told Campus Reform.


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